IHD hosted two regional knowledge exchange visits to Jordan in March and December 2021 for representatives from the North (KRI), South and Center of Iraq. The first visit included 20 KRI representatives, while the second visit included 22 Iraqi representatives. Both visits were attended by representatives from the public, private, and academic sectors from Baghdad, Basra, Erbil, Duhok, Mosul, Najaf, Sulaymaniyah, Halabja, and Garmiyan. The visits were organized as part of IHD's efforts to strengthen stakeholders' experiences in adopting modern agricultural practices and techniques in the field of protected cultivation of vegetable crops by building capabilities, exchanging knowledge, and strengthening stakeholders' experiences in adopting modern agricultural practices and techniques in the field of protected cultivation of vegetable crops. The representatives learned about various farming techniques that are suitable for Jordan's environmental conditions and can thus be replicated in Iraq. It was also an opportunity for participants to see improvements in postharvest management and the creation of jobs for both local communities and refugees. The purpose of the exchanged visits was to strengthen ties and cooperation between partners in the Netherlands, Jordan, and Iraq, building on the successes and knowledge of Jordan's Hydroponics Agriculture and Employment Development (HAED) project. The project provides a solid foundation for regional partners to collaborate and showcase solutions to shared regional challenges such as broken market systems, political instability, barriers in accessing domestic markets, arid climates, limited water resources, and a lack of knowledge and expertise in innovative technology. Visits to Abu Sido Farm, Tala Farms, Basil Farms, Firas Al-Jabali Farm, Al-Taji Farms, and others were arranged. Participants were fascinated by the hydroponic system used to grow tomato, pepper, and watermelon varieties in both single tunnel and multi-span greenhouses. Participants learned about post-harvest packaging during their visit to the Abu Sido post-harvest packaging location with refrigerated storage. Some people were curious about the other types of farms that grew strawberries and leafy crops like lettuce, garlic, onions, and other crops. The tours also included a stop at the Nunhems Research and Development Station, where several tomato and cucumber varieties were being tested. On the final day of the second visit, IHD hosted a seminar on the challenges and prospects of the agriculture industry, which was delivered by Abdullah Sasa, Middle and Africa representative of the Dutch company Rajk Zwaan.These trips present a unique opportunity for the stakeholders from different areas to come together and learn about the new technologies and techniques that IHD is going to implement through the Iraq and KRI projects. Watch our YouTube Channel to learn more.